Scissor or finger hash is the product of trimming wet cannabis plants. Cannabis plants are very sticky, especially when they still growing and wet. While handling and trimming plants, the resin stalks (trichomes) get rubbed onto growers hands/gloves and scissors. By rubbing the trichomes off the hands/gloves/scissors, you get essentially wet kief. The product is often discoloured (due to plant matter, dirt, etc) and gummy in texture

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Scissor Hash
Make use of your fingers to crumble scissor hash into compact pieces, as finely as you can. Spot a parchment paper on your own oven pan. Distribute scissor hash evenly on it.Now just gather the pile and roll it right into a ball within the palm of your respective hand. Want a completely diverse method? Just rub the hell away from a pile of shake with your fingers and find out what you will get!

‘Finger hash’ is designed by rolling the ready trichome-secured blossoms of the plant amongst the fingers,

Cool scissor hash in a small mason jar or other tight sealing glass container for up to a few weeks with your fridge. Working with crystal clear glass to retail store scissor hash cannabutter will help you scoop out the pure butter while leaving any sediment effortlessly.

Due to the fact scissor hash may not absolutely dissolve into the butter mainly because of the little chunks of plant content it normally is made up of, you’ll want to select a recipe where dark specks gained’t be problematic.

Grab your torch and glass jar, or Yet another cylindrical item that may manage the warmth. Heat your jar or equivalent until eventually it is sweet and incredibly hot, but not warm ample to ignite the hash or paper.

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